The BREKA Group provides diverse sales, marketing and channel development solutions to businesses wanting to enhance process efficiency, reduce costs, improve their bottom line, and the opportunity to develop investments.

BREKA is not a typical  sales representative firm. The group is a channel development and distribution firm that will relieve a business of huge financial responsibility. Its mission is to develop solid business relationships by partnering with the appropriate businesses that will provide the most benefit to our manufacturer and their needs in the market.

BREKA’s 21st century ideas and methodologies bring technology to the forefront, while creating sustainable long-term partnering and customer relationships. The group’s enterprise is focused on continuing to be the “go-to” company when it comes to different sales and marketing solutions.

The BREKA Group demands the highest level of character and integrity from its staff, employees, and representatives, especially while representing its partners and customers across the US. BREKA is exceedingly dedicated to providing superior customer and client services to all involved.